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These Tweets About 'Parenting in 5 Words or Less' Are So True It Hurts

Photograph by Twenty20

Parents on Twitter are describing parenting in five words or fewer—and, people, you have to take a minute to read them. Trust us, these tweets are either so funny that we can't stop laughing or so real that it almost hurts.

The trending hashtag #Parentingin5WordsorLess lit up the Twitterverse on Friday and continued going strong through the weekend. Even celebrity moms like Alyssa Milano ("Scariest thing I've ever done") and Mayim Bialik ("What have I done") joined in on the fun, proving that a picture might be worth a thousand words. But, damn, can five words say a lot.

It's pretty comforting to think that whatever parenting highs or lows you've experienced, whatever magical or frustrating moments you've known, there will always be someone who gets you. Here are just a few of our favorite relatable gems.

Some of the tweets are words straight from parents' mouths, things they probably never would have thought they'd say if it weren't for their children. Whether it's figuring out what their kid just put in his mouth or that silence is a very bad sign, parents shared the phrases they've found themselves saying over and over again.

Others shared some advice or hard truths of parenting, including all the times you'll find yourself debating whether the brown stain on your shirt is poop or not poop. (These tweets are so real, parents have never felt so seen.) Take note, new and expecting parents:

And, of course, there are the sentimental tweets. Because though being a parent can be stressful and chaotic, it's all worth it when you experience a "love like nothing you've known" (seriously, these brief lines should count as poetry).

How would you describe #ParentingIn5WordsOrLess?

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