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Mom Has EPIC Response to Day Care’s Request That She Dress Her Daughter More 'Girly'

Photograph by Steve Rold

To Steve and Jessica Rold, dressing their infant daughter in her brother's hand-me-downs wasn't anything out of the ordinary. But when they dropped Clementine off at day care earlier this month, the staff made a surprising comment.

The staff suggested to Jessica that she think about dressing the infant in stereotypical girly attire, like dresses, or putting bows in her hair so the other kids would know she was a girl.

Well, the parents really took the advice to heart, because the next day, Jessica used her pro art skills and doodled an impressive bow on a Post-It note and stuck it on her daughter's head.

Steve uploaded a photo of the finished look on Reddit, where it went viral.

Photograph by Steve Rold

"I couldn’t care less if someone mistakes her for a boy," he commented in the thread. "And since she’s a freaking baby, it’s not like she’s going to be offended."

Other parents chimed in with their own stories of their sons loving pink and My Little Pony or their short-haired daughters who are into pants and Minecraft. Their kids are often misgendered by strangers, and the parents are even criticized for "confusing" their children (because what a kid wears and likes is supposed to define them?!). But as one very sensible dad commented, "Turns out if you don't tell your kid something is meant for girls or boys, they just enjoy it for what it is." Shocker.

As for what happened with the Rolds, Steve thinks it's a cultural and generational thing for the women who work there.

"Maybe they thought that it hadn’t crossed our minds to dress our daughter any differently, or perhaps they just didn’t want to answer a million questions from the other kids at the day care as to why our baby isn’t dressed in pink and flowers," he told Bored Panda. "The suggestion was actually pretty mild but it was piled onto a hundred other similar ones that I’m sure all parents get, so my wife just felt the need to push back a tiny bit."

The couple does plan on keeping their daughter in the same Danish day care, though.

"It’s an absolutely amazing day care. They focus on early education and outdoor play. We both feel like we’re extremely lucky to have our kid in that kind of place," he said. "My wife was just trying to expose the humor inherent in the situation."

Well, Mom sure nailed it. Talk about a fashion statement.

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