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Mother of Two Toddlers Who Survived Fatal Car Accident Identified

Photograph by Twenty20

On Monday, the Camden Police Department in Arkansas sent out a desperate plea on Twitter asking the public to help locate the mother of a scratched-up little boy they had found wandering, all alone, on a highway.

"Please help the Ouachita County Sheriff’s Department identify this child," it read.

A second cry for help was posted on KARK 4 News Facebook page, stating that the child was a male, between 2-4 years old, with long, black, braided hair.

The story was later updated, alerting the public that the boy's mother had been found "deceased due to a vehicle accident," after being ejected from her car when it slid off the road into a ravine.

Photograph by Facebook

David Norwood from the Ouachita County Sheriff's Department also addressed a second child, the boy's little brother, who was later located at the scene. He was still strapped into his car seat inside the vehicle.

"The child has been taken to the hospital and appears to be in good condition, other than a bit dehydrated," the sheriff said. "The child discovered earlier today is also in good condition," Norwood added.

The victim was identified as 25-year-old Lisa Nicole Holliman.

In an exclusive interview with KARK 4 News, the victim’s father, James Holliman, called his 3-year-old grandson, Kylen, a "hero" for wriggling his way out of a car seat, climbing through an open sunroof, and scaling a small hill covered in bushes to save his brother's life.

"When he climbed out of that car, seeing his mother dead like that, like she was, he tried to wake his mom up," said Holliman, adding that his daughter was four weeks pregnant at the time.

"We just found that out at the hospital that she was pregnant. We didn't know. We lost two," he cried. "I'll never get up and see her, I'll never get to talk to her, laugh with her. My baby's gone."

Both boys reportedly suffered from dehydration after going two days without food and water. The 1-year-old, who was pulled from the car, is expected to survive.

"They went through a pure hell, no doubt," said Ouachita County Sheriff's Detective Lt. Nathan Greeley, describing how they found Kylen's brother.

"He was somewhat turned sideways, in a position upside down”—still fastened in his car seat.

Police are still investigating what caused the deadly crash.

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