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Children’s Medications Recalled Over Possible ‘Microbial Contamination’

Photograph by Twenty20

The pharmaceutical company King Bio is voluntarily recalling dozens of homeopathic medications for infants and children due to possible “microbial contamination.”

The medications listed as potentially affected are used to treat a number of aliments, including chicken pox, colic, bedwetting and teething. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration reported on its website that a “small percentage” of King Bio products produced between August 2017 and April 2018 have tested positive for microbial contamination, which is defined by the Journal of Pharmaceutical Microbiology as “the unintended introduction of microbes such as bacteria, yeast, mold, fungi, virus, prions, protozoa or their toxins and by-products.”

The risk of infection appears to be low, and as of now, none have been reported, but the FDA is warning that the “administration or use of drug products with microbial contamination could potentially result in increased infections that may require medical intervention, and could result in infections that could be life-threatening to certain individuals.”

Parents are being advised to watch out for fever, chills, cough, sore throat and congestion, as these are all signs of an infection.

Here is a full list of the potentially affected medications:

* DK Attention & Learning Enh.

* Chicken Pox Symptom Relief

* Children's Appetite & Weight

* Children's Appetite Enhance

* Children's Cough Relief

* Children's Fever Reliever

* Children's Growth & Development

* DK Newborn Tonic

* DK Nosebleed Relief

* TonsilPlex

* Children's Ear Relief Formula

* DK Teething

* DK Colic Relief

* Tummy Aches

* Kids Multi-Strain Flu Relief

* Kids Stress & Anxiety

* Kids Sleep Aid

* Kids Bed Wetting (NP)

* Kids Candida 4 oz

* Kids Attention & Learning (SCRX)

* Bed Wetting Prevention (SCRX)

* Chicken Pox Symptom Relief (SCRX)

* Children's Cough (SCRX)

* Children’s Ear Formula (SCRX)

* Children’s Fever Reliever (SCRX)

* Children’s Growth & Development (SCRX)

* Colic Relief (SCRX)

* Newborn Tonic (SCRX)

* Teething (SCRX)

* Tummy Aches (SCRX)

* Children’s Appetite & Weight (SCRX)

* Children’s Appetite Enhancer (SCRX)

According to the FDA, customers should discontinue use of the recalled medications, even if their child has taken the product and had no adverse reaction.

King Bio is reportedly sending letters to its distributors and customers arranging for the return and/or replacement of all recalled medications. They can also be contacted at 866-298-2740 or at recall@kingbio.com.

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