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Woman Carrying Baby Leads Police on High-Speed Chase

Photograph by Twenty20

People run from the police for all sorts of crazy reasons, but it's rare to see someone running down the street while carrying a baby in a car seat after crashing their car into a pickup truck during a high-speed chase.

But that's exactly what KSAT ABC 12 reports happened when Caitlyn Rodriguez—driving a gray Mercedes SUV—was pulled over by Texas state troopers earlier this summer.

Rodriguez, whose criminal history includes convictions for felony theft, forgery, prostitution and aggravated assault (along with several other existing warrants), sped off when police attempted to stop her.

Her baby, according to video footage released by the Texas Department of Public Safety, was snug in a car seat, still sitting in the back of her SUV when she hit the gas.

The video shows Rodriguez’s SUV bolting down highway US-90 in San Antonio at 100 mph—weaving through lanes, dodging vehicles, crossing a median and plowing through grass (off road)—despite state troopers disabling her front tire with a deflation device.

She then exits her SUV onto a road and hops over a second median, driving into oncoming traffic before crossing back over and crashing into a silver pickup truck stopped at a red light.

But that’s not the worst of it. The most bizarre and disturbing part of the story comes after Rodriguez hits the truck, runs to the other side of her vehicle, opens the back door, pulls her baby out and starts running—on foot—across a very busy, highly dangerous stretch of road.

Then, as if that weren’t enough, she hops over a third median (this time on foot), crosses another two lanes of traffic and blocks a white Nissan from exiting the ramp. She then runs to the passenger side of the vehicle and opens the car door, attempting to hop in the front seat with her baby still nestled in the car seat—but she’s too late.

A police car then whips in front of the Nissan, preventing it from moving, and a state trooper approaches the driver with his weapon drawn. The victim, a dark-haired woman, steps out of the front seat, shaking her head in disbelief with her hands over her mouth. Soon after, you see her run to the passenger side, open the back door, and remove her child who was still trapped inside—buckled in a car seat.

At the same time, police are seen wrestling Rodriguez out of the front seat and pinning her to the pavement below.

Rodriguez, who (according to public records) also goes by the last name of Losiewicz, was later charged with child endangerment, possession of a controlled substance and evading arrest.

Her baby, allegedly unharmed during the incident, was turned over to child protective services.

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