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No Charges Against Mom Who Dunked Toddler's Head in Toilet

Photograph by Twenty20

A viral video showing a mom dunking her toddler's head in a toilet sparked outrage from viewers calling for her arrest throughout this week. In the 13-second clip, Kaitlyn Wolf from Florida is seen holding her 3-year-old's arms behind his back while he's upside down, his head near the rim of the toilet. Wolf flushes the toilet, and her son can be heard screaming, "No!"

Her 10-year-old, who recorded the disturbing act, can be heard off-camera saying, "God, that's mean."

Apparently, Wolf was going to wash her toddler's mouth with soap and water after he used a profanity but decided to discipline him by giving him a swirly in the toilet instead.

Yesterday, Leesburg Police Department said in a statement that although it wanted to arrest Wolf, the state attorney's office declined to pursue charges.

After receiving complaints about the video over the weekend, the police department opened an investigation and forwarded the video evidence to the state attorney's office with a request to file a warrant for the mother's arrest.

"The overall assessment documented by the Forensic Team listed positive findings of threatened harm of mental injury due to bizarre punishment," the statement read. "However, it was indeterminate of physical abuse and indeterminate of neglect due to inadequate supervision."

Wolf, who has been called a "momster" and received death threats, claims her son was never in danger and that her toddler wasn't screaming but laughing.

"It was just a joke. Everyone is like, 'ugh.' His face didn't get wet. It's not a dirty toilet. He wasn't being tortured in any way," Wolf told WESH. "I would never do it again. I would never want this explosion of hate."

She told WFTV that she sent the video to the babysitter as a joke to share a new way to discipline the boys. The babyitter then sent it to Wolf's boyfriend's ex, who posted it on Facebook.

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