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The Hatchimals Craze Just Got Cuter With New HatchiBabies

Photograph by Spin Master

The Hatchimals family is growing, and fans can eggspect the new additions in just two weeks.

When Hatchimals entered the toy scene in 2016, they quickly became the must-have toy. The little interactive furry animals, which hatch after kids tap and rub the shells, were sold out in stores everywhere before Christmas, and the collectibles were being sold for double or triple the retail price. One woman even spent almost $23,600 on Hatchimals to resell them online (although, her plan didn't go so well). Then, in 2017, Hatchimals doubled the surprise and adorableness with twins that have their own unique personalities. Kids went bananas.

This year, kids will get to hatch HatchiBabies. While we won't know what new species will appear out of the big speckled eggs until their due date of October 5, we found that Amazon, Target and Walmart have already listed Ponette and Cheetree on their sites for pre-order, as well as each retail giant's respective exclusives: Chipadee, Monkiwi and Koalabee.

We also know that each egg has either a boy or a girl in it, which kids won't find out about until the egg hatches (sorry, no ultrasounds here). It's a pretty clever way of tying the unboxing and surprise craze that have kids hooked, with the gender reveals parents and families love to partake in. (Although, gender-reveal parties and the pink or blue tropes also have their critics, so it'll be interesting to see how the HatchiBaby reveals are handled.)

For about $60, kids can also discover secret compartments that'll add "even more play opportunities for playtime with the HatchiBaby once he or she is out of the egg," according to a statement from Spin Master, the company behind Hatchimals.

Families can pre-order HatchiBabies starting now or get them in stores on October 5. Judging from the trends from previous years, we won't be surprised if they're sold out before the holidays.

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