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Dad Gets Baby's Ears Pierced Behind Mom's Back

Photograph by Twenty20

A mom is fuming after her ex-partner got their 9-week-old daughter's ears pierced, even though she told him before that she was against it.

Writing under the name Melissa Bowen, the mom took to the parenting forum Netmums to vent her frustration.

A few weeks ago, when the baby's dad mentioned the little girl would look cute with her ears pierced, Bowen expressed that she thought the baby was too young. The mom wanted to give the child the ability to decide when she was older.

"I have never liked the thought of piercing a (baby's) ears—not that I would ever judge someone based on this—and I have never wanted any children I had to have their ears pierced until they were able to ask me themselves," she wrote.

But after the dad had the baby overnight from Sunday to Monday, Bowen said he dropped the child off at around 5 p.m., said "she's grumpy, have fun" and then scurried off before the mom realized what had happened.

"Our daughter wasn't just grumpy, she was full-on screaming like I had never heard before!" Bowen wrote. "He purposely caused her pain for absolutely no reason!"

The mom gave her a cuddle and took the baby's hat off to find that her child's hot and swollen ears were pierced.

Scared that the baby might have an infection and got pierced by an unqualified practitioner, Bowen asked her ex where he took the baby to but couldn't get an answer. And his response when she asked why he went against her wishes? "Told you she would look cute." (And the winning argument goes to ... )

The American Academy of Pediatrics says that infants and young children might be at risk of aspiration and ingestion of earring parts, so get earrings that have a locking back or screw back. Other than that, the AAP doesn't have an age minimum for ear piercings because there's little risk if the piercing is performed carefully and cared for conscientiously. But the organization does recommend that parents hold off until the child is mature enough to care for the pierced site.

Pediatricians recommend gold posts be used to reduce the risk of allergic reaction and inflammation in the area of the piercing. Rubbing alcohol or antibiotic ointment should be applied to the area two times a day for a few days to reduce the chances of infection and hasten the healing process. Earrings shouldn't be removed for four to six weeks but gently rotated each day.

Several parents who commented on Bowen's post suggested the mom take her baby to the doctor to get the piercings checked out. AAP recommendations agree. Redness or tenderness on the area may indicate a developing infection, and parents should seek medical attention.

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