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Extra AF Moms-to-Be Are Getting Ultrasounds Painted on Their Nails

Photograph by Instagram/euro_nails_tx

Moms-to-be are nailing their creative baby announcements by actually painting ultrasounds on their nails. Because why pull out a photo of your baby when you can have it on the tips of your fingers?

The trend first started in April, when U.K.-based artist Sarah Clarke shared an image of her first attempt at one-of-a-kind, black-and-white ultrasound nails. She first applied the acrylic nail then carefully hand-painted a replication of the ultrasound onto the pregnant mama Stacey Donaldson's middle finger with a fine brush.


My creation from yesterday. Painted from my ladies scan pic ❤️ @edgenails

The creation quickly went viral on social media. Clarke told Pretty 52 that it has become a popular request from clients, including people who wanted to remember the baby they've lost.

Instagram user @nailsbysara, who does her own nails, wrote even earlier in October 2017 that after three years and numerous fertility treatments, she finally conceived a baby, only to lose him soon after she found out she was pregnant.

"I lost all inspiration as I struggled with the grief. I learned how to love him and his brief life and move forward with renewed hope. I love you jelly bean, and seeing you on my nails makes me smile," she wrote.


This manicure has been a long time coming. After three years and numerous fertility treatments, my hubby and I finally conceived in April. On May 30, my heart was broken when I found out my baby was no longer living and growing, and he was taken from me the next day. I lost all inspiration as I struggled with the grief. I learned how to love him and his brief life and move forward with renewed hope. I love you jelly bean, and seeing you on my nails makes me smile ❤️ #miscarriage #pregnancyloss #infertility #pregnancyandinfantlossawarenessmonth #onceamotheralwaysamother #angelbaby #ihaveasoninheaven #ultrasound #sonogram #sonogramnails #ultrasoundnails #nailart #idomyownnails #freehandnailart #nailfie #instanails #suckitjamberry

But baby scan nail art is also a great ways to celebrate the arrival of a new baby during baby showers and first birthdays, and people can't get enough. Ultrasound nails have shown up all over the world from Texas to Sweden.


What do y'all think about ultrasound nail art? Inspired by Sarah Clarke. #babynails #ultrasoundnails #babyscannail #babyshowernails


Only @douggiesu126 of @hardrocknails has ever in my 15 yrs of doing my nails, continuously brought my #NailGoals to #LIFE, any #Challenge I bring him he smashes my own #Expectations, setting the bar for the next visits goals even higher...My #BabyShowerNails are amazing my #Daughters #3dUltrasound pic in my nail! #ThankYou @douggiesu126 #UntilWeMeetAgain #Trendsetter #NailsOnFleek #UltrasoundNails #TorontoNails #NailArt #NailsOfTheDay #Nails2Inspire #NailedIt #NailDesigns #NailAddict #ArtLives #Nails #NailsOfInstagram #NailsForMoms #CosmoNails #HardRockNails


#comfybaby #toohappyinthere tutorial for this #babyscannail on www.youtube.com/c/nailaddictionx - click the link in bio #ultrasoundnails #sonogramnail #scannails #babynails #babyshowernail #newbabynails


#tbt #ultrasound #ultrasoundnails #mybabygirl #mynailtechsagenius #nails #pink #cool #oneofakind #missthis @leeleebrown #nailsbyleelee 💅


1+1=4 🙊💕 Som flera av er säkert redan har misstänkt så ligger det en liten bebis i min mage. Inte bara en har vi fått reda på, utan TVÅ! 🙊 Vi väntar tvillingar!! 👶🏻👶🏻💕 Jag vet inte än hur länge min kropp kommer orka jobba, men jag är beräknad 21 december (tvillingar kommer ofta runt 1 månad för tidigt). Första steget är att jag inte längre regelbundet kommer att jobba till 20-23 på kvällarna, utan se till att hålla mig (så gott det går) runt 18.00 när jag egentligen ska vara klar för dagen. Detta kommer göra att möjligheten till sena eftermiddagstider kommer att minska. Så småningom kommer jag med största sannolikhet även att behöva minska med någon dag i veckan, så se till att vara ute i god tid för att få en tid som passar! Så länge jag och bebisarna mår bra och så länge kroppen orkar så kommer jag att jobba på, men hälsan och våra barn går i första hand, så om kroppen säger stopp så måste jag lyssna. Det gör att ju längre fram i höst vi kommer, desto större är risken att jag kan behöva boka om eller avboka helt. Hoppas på eran förståelse! 💕

Whether you decide to give a copy of your ultrasound to a trusted nail artist or go the DIY route, embrace your extra-ness, mamas, because we have a feeling this trend is here to stay.

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