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Parents Get Less 'Me Time' Than Most Anyone on the Planet

Photograph by Twenty20

We all know how time-consuming raising kids can be, but a new study reports that the average parent only gets around 32 minutes a day to themselves.

According to results published on Fox News, 32 percent of parents don’t actually stop “working” until around 8 p.m. (This includes parenting obligations, like telling your kids for the millionth time to go brush their teeth.)

The survey, from meal-delivery service Munchery, consisted of 2,000 moms and dads—most of whom admitted to "hiding from their children four times a week to carve out space." It showed that the average working parent (those with a full-time job) spends approximately 18 hours a week directly taking care of their children. Twenty-four percent said they spend more than 30 hours each week directly taking care of their kids, not including other responsibilities.

And don't worry, Mom, they didn't forget to include all the schlepping around you do each week, such as taking the kids to school/birthday parties/sporting events, etc., or correcting behavior when they get out of hand.

They also didn't forget to add in all the other things you do to keep the house in order, like picking up groceries or running to Target 10 times because no one bothered to mention you were out of toilet paper.

In fact, parents are so busy, it's affecting the way they eat.

More than half of the parents polled (54 percent) said the biggest reason they order takeout is because they’re too busy to cook.

Despite their recent announcement stating they were closing operations in Seattle and New York, Munchery maintains that the goal of their company is to provide fresh, healthy meals to as many households as possible, but their findings revealed quite the opposite.

According to the results, 96 percent of parents included in their survey admitted to indulging in less healthy foods, skipping 227 proper meals in a 12-month period and spending a yearly average of $4,524 on takeout.

It just goes to prove how far parents are willing to go to get a little “me time.”

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