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This Is Not a Drill: Wine and Cheese Advent Calendars Are Coming

Photograph by So Wrong It's Nom

Counting down to Christmas somehow just got better. Target will be selling cheese advent calendars, and Aldi will be selling both wine and cheese advent calendars come November. Yup, that means moms will soon have 24 more reasons to enjoy wine or cheese—or both!

We know—these are life-changing announcements. Two mom-approved stores selling your favorite things? If you're having a hard time wrapping your head around the news, we'll help you break it down.

Target Cheese Advent Calendar


MAKING OF: The Cheese Advent Calendar! 🧀 There are SO many people involved in the making of The Cheese Advent Calendar, and it's come a long way since the handmade prototype. Here's a little behind the scenes to bring you on the journey. Full video on IGTV and Facebook.com/SoWrongItsNom.

Last year, British blogger Annem Hobson of So Wrong It's Nom sold a cheese Advent calendar that went viral. The problem was, it was only available in the U.K., so many of us across the Pond were watching U.K. folks celebrate while puddles of drool formed on our laps for weeks.

This year, though, Hobson worked with cheese manufacturer Norseland to bring the advent calendar to the U.S. (bless her!), and it's bigger and better. The cheese advent calendar will be sold at 247 Target stores in November, and will only cost $20.

It features 24 pieces of individually wrapped cheese in seven varieties, including Jarlsberg, Applewood and Illchester, and even has a limited-edition surprise. The packaging, which must be kept refrigerated, is designed to look like a book so that you can tear off half of it after the initial 12 days of Christmas to free up fridge space. (For more cheese, maybe?)

Aldi Cheese Advent Calendar

Photograph by Aldi

Discount grocery store chain Aldi will also sell a cheese advent calendar that comes stuffed with 24 imported mini cheeses, including cheddar, gouda and Edam. This version is only $12.99 and has flaps that open up to reveal the cheese of the day. The advent calendar will be in stores starting Nov. 7. It's small enough to stack in the fridge and would make a pretty edam gouda gift.

Aldi Wine Advent Calendar

Photograph by Aldi

With all that cheese, we're going to need some wine to pair. One of the most awaited advent calendars is probably Aldi's wine version, which was also previously only made in the U.K.

Luckily, this year, U.S. Aldi stores that are allowed to sell alcohol will have the $69.99 wine advent calendar that features 24 small bottles of red, white, rosé and bubbly (that's about $3 a bottle). The wines, including shiraz, malbec, pinot grigio and sauvignon blanc, come from different regions around the world.

The wine advent calendar sold out FAST last year, so we highly advise marking Nov. 7 on your calendar to visit an Aldi near you.

Because, wine not?

Photograph by Aldi
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