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Hey Co-Sleepers: This Family Bed Is Twice the Size of a California King

Photograph by Taylor & Wells

The struggle of co-sleeping is real. Parents, how many times have you woken up in the middle of the night to find a child lying perpendicular on you, with a foot in your groin and an elbow dug into your stomach? Somehow, there's drool on your face that you're pretty sure isn't yours. And, if you have pets that also like to cuddle, well, then forget about ever getting a peaceful night's rest.

If only you could have more space. Oh, wait. You can.

Thanks to bed designers like Taylor & Wells, there are now large AF mattresses that could be a co-sleeping parent's dream come true. The company's "Family Bed XL" is 144 inches wide and 84 inches long, which is the size of two California king mattresses combined. (To better visualize, a king-size mattress is 76 inches wide.) Your kid's arm span is probably not 12 feet wide, so this is a safe bet that the kids can stretch out and you'll still have as much space as possible. Fingers crossed that you'll also be far enough away to tune out your partner's snoring.

According to the site, the family mattress uses "luxurious materials" like cooling gels and supportive memory foam for maximum comfort, and it goes for $2,299, not including bed frames, sheets or adjustable base upgrades.

Unfortunately, they're already sold out online. But we can't imagine they'll be out of stock for long with such high demand.

There are also other co-sleeping friendly beds on the market. The Ace Collection also has mattresses that go up to 12 feet wide for $3,000.

Photograph by Facebook/Ace Collection

Or you could try an IKEA hack like this mom did to comfortably fit her, her husband and their five youngest children into one space.

Photograph by Elizabeth Boyce

If the thought of stripping giant sheets, washing the bedding and replacing it all seems like a nightmare, we get that, too. Good thing the perfect anti-co-sleeping bed, aka the fetal position bed, exists.

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