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Stranger Holds Sleeping Baby So Mom Can Fill Out Forms

Photograph by Facebook/Natasha Wilson

In less than a week, a photo capturing a random act of kindness has inspired more than a million people around the world. In the picture, a man cradles a sleeping baby while the child's mom sits next to them, filling out forms at the doctor's office.

The moment was captured by Natasha Wilson of Florence, Alabama. Wilson was in the waiting room when she saw a mom (later identified as Jade West) walk in with her sleeping baby. When the receptionist handed West paperwork to do, the mom was trying to figure out how to hold her baby and do the paperwork at the same time.

That's when a man (later identified as Joe Hale) asked West from across the room if she would like him to hold the baby while she filled out the forms.

"She smiled and said that would be wonderful!," Wilson wrote on the viral Facebook post. "This man went over there and rocked and loved on that baby like he was his!! My heart melted!!!"

Wilson told "Good Morning America" that Hale hummed to the baby, rocked him and talked to him as if he was his own grandchild until he was called back to his room.

"This was something I had never witnessed in my life. I have seven of my own children, and people just don't normally offer help anymore to someone they don't know," Wilson said.

For Wilson, the moment between Hale, who is white, and West, who is black, was a heartwarming example of people coming together regardless of skin color.

"Racism is still VERY real in our society today BUT THIS MAN GAVE ME HOPE (and) a sweet memory I'll never forget!" Wilson, whose children are biracial, wrote.

People are praising Hale for stepping in when others might have just watched the mom struggle.

Now, let's make these acts of kindness the norm.

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