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Build-A-Bear Has a New Plush Grinch and It's So Damn Cute!

Photograph by Build-A-Bear

Build-a-Bear recently announced a new Grinch line that'll turn your scowls upside down. The line includes a plush young Grinch, a plush regular Grinch and some pretty festive accessories, just in time for the holidays.

The plush young Grinch makes our hearts grow two sizes. Just look at that pure, unsoured smile! Those adorable cheeks! And that hair! The best part is, if you don't have time for the whole Build-a-Grinch process, this little guy comes pre-stuffed for $12.50.

But if your kids are into the classic grownup Grinch look and love the excitement of stuffing their toys themselves, there's also a bigger, 19-inch version for $25.50. With soft green fur and a mischievous smile, the plush lookalike can come stuffed and ready to play, or you can purchase a shell and complete it in stores.

Photograph by Build-A-Bear

He's a mean one, but he's also a customizable one. You can add the Grinch 6-in-1 sayings sound box to hear lines like, "It's snow time," "What's Santa have that I don't?" and "Ho, ho ... no" with every hug. Or you can dress him up in a three-piece Santa suit (including the iconic red hat, coat and black boots). Because who needs Santa when you can have a cantankerous, frosty friend that can transport you to Whoville?

Photograph by Build-A-Bear

Other accessories include a #TeamGrinch bear-sized hoodie and plush Grinch feet for all the other furry friends who feel a little Grinch-like this year. (Because don't we all have a bit of the Grinch inside us?)

Photograph by Build-A-Bear

After all that accessorizing, you might want to treat yourself to some green Grinch pancakes at IHOP. If you're feeling a little naughty, why not go for a Minty Who Hot Chocolate, too?

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