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Midwife Suspended After Mom Delivers 'Surprise' Twin at Home

Photograph by Facebook/Ten Moons - Homebirth Services Melbourne

A midwife from Melbourne, Australia, is facing some serious heat after a recent photo of one of her clients struck a nerve with followers of the midwifery practice's Facebook page. Martina Görner posted a picture of one of her new moms after childbirth and explained in the caption that they were "surprised" when a second baby came along.

Well, for some people, this basically read as an admission of guilt. They argued that a midwife should have realized there were twins on the way—even though this mom requested not to have an ultrasound scan before giving birth. Now, Görner has been suspended from her practice, but the argument rages on: Should she have known that her client was pregnant with twins?

In the post published on October 19, Ten Moons Homebirth Services shared the story of how a recent client was delivering via home water birth when the unplanned happened. The post said that the day had been full of "unexpected surprises," and in this case that meant that mom Brooke was going to get more than she had originally anticipated.

Brooke was waiting to push out her placenta after the birth of her first son, but instead quickly learned that her bundle of joy was about to double.

Photograph by Facebook/Ten Moons - Homebirth Services Melbourne

"The twins are identical twins and were born this morning ☀️ 10/19/18 @ 08.03 & 08.07 weighing 2350 and 2200gr," the post noted.

A later amendment to the post shared that after the twins had been born, an ambulance was called to take the family to a hospital for additional care. The twins had come early, at only 35 weeks, and one of the boys was having "respiratory difficulties," which prompted the family to switch gears and make their way to the hospital.

For some people on the internet, this whole thing was a mess. There is no reason why Görner didn't know that Brooke was going to have twins, they argued. Many online started slamming the midwife.

Photograph by Facebook/Ten Moons - Homebirth Services Melbourne

Any health care provider could have realized that it was a "high risk" pregnancy, they said.

Other moms of twins were just stunned that Brooke didn't realize sooner. "You know when there's two babies fighting it out inside of you!"

Photograph by Facebook/Ten Moons - Homebirth Services Melbourne

Someone else said that it was "irresponsible" not to get a scan.

Photograph by Facebook/Ten Moons - Homebirth Services Melbourne

Others felt like the haters had started to overreact. One mom said that she didn't feel like twins were an emergency. But another woman shot her down, "Twins that share a placenta are definitely high risk."

Photograph by Facebook/Ten Moons - Homebirth Services Melbourne

Some twin pregnancies are categorized as being high risk. "Some complications, such as premature birth, are more common in twin pregnancies," Babycenter advises. A high-risk pregnancy typically means more monitoring and attention from a health-care professional.

Others wondered why can't we just focus on the positive. But the damage was already done.

In a petition created on Change.org titled "Mothers have the right to a safe natural birth of their choice. Save Martina," it was revealed that a staff member at the hospital where Brooke had taken her boys to get a checkup reported the midwife to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

On October 29, in pursuant of the case lodged against her, Görner was asked not to practice until the AHPRA could hear her testimony. Things must not have gone her way, however, because in a statement given to Kidspot.au, a representative told them that they "can confirm that Martina Görner's registration as a midwife was suspended by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) on 8 November 2018."

It also appears that the organization was taking the case very seriously. “Immediate action to suspend a practitioner’s registration is only taken in the most serious cases, when the NMBA believes it is necessary to take action to protect the public," they said.

This post was originally published on Mom.me sister site CafeMom.