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Jell-O Play Launches Edible Slime, and Parents Are Torn

Photograph by Amazon

It's a fact: Kids are obsessed with slime, and their obsession with it isn't dying down anytime soon. As of December 1, 2018, they won't just be able to play with slime, but they'll also be able to eat it, too. Jell-O Play is launching edible monster and unicorn slime just in time for the holidays. Surprisingly, not every parent is totally on board.

The slime comes in two different flavors: strawberry and lime. To make it, you simply add water to the prepackaged mixture. Each canister comes with enough ingredients to make two batches of slime, and the end result is 100 percent safe for kids to eat. Even better? The slime washes off with plain soap and water.

As an adult, I have to admit that the idea of eating slime I've rolled around in my hands for an hour kind of makes me want to gag. But we all know little kids have no such qualms. They've been known to eat their own boogers, after all—slime is nothing.

What's actually awesome about the Jell-O Play slime is that it's so much less of a mess than other kinds of slime. It's not a Pinterest recipe where kids have to get out a dozen different ingredients—some of which might even be dangerous—and mix it up using every bowl and utensil in the entire kitchen.

Still, the announcement on Jello's Facebook page was met with mixed reactions from parents. Many were worried about their kids munching on germy slime.

Photograph by Facebook

Others said this would only encourage kids to eat other kinds of slime that might not be safe for them to snack on.

Photograph by Facebook

But some were like, news flash: Kids eat gross stuff all the time.

Photograph by Facebook

Others even argued that this might prevent kids from eating other kinds of slime by replacing it entirely.

Photograph by Facebook

Obviously, it's important to supervise kids no matter what kind of slime they're playing with, and this seems like a fun surprise that will inspire budding chefs, scientists and slime enthusiasts alike.

The slime, unfortunately, won't be around for the Thanksgiving kids' table, but it will be here just in time for stocking stuffers and holiday gifts. You can preorder Jell-O Play Edible Slime on Amazon.

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