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Jason Momoa Stripping Down in 'A Christmas Carol' Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

In the words of Uncle Jesse: Have mercy! Jason Momoa played an "Extra Christmas Spirit" in a rendition of A Christmas Carol that has us wanting more. Seriously, this Hollywood hottie plus glittery hot pants equals a good time that needs to be had over and over again. And we can do just that as this gem of a Saturday Night Live skit will live on our DVRs for a long, long time.

After receiving a visit from the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, Mr. Scrooge meets another spirit who's very ... extra.

Saturday Night Live/YouTube

We already know this is going to be good (LOL).

Jason Momoa is the spirit no one asked for, but is welcomed with open arms.

Saturday Night Live/YouTube

Well, Scrooge is confused AF, but we'll happily take him dancing around our bedroom any day.

He disrobed to reveal a glittery ensemble and some moves that would make Channing Tatum take notice.


Can we get a Magic Mike reboot with Jason please? Asking for every human on this Earth.

And when Aquaman ripped off them pants to show us his thigh muscles, honey, we were sold.

Saturday Night Live/YouTube

Yes, Jason ... yes.

This "spirit" had Tiny Tim walking and received a few tips, too.


Make it rain (hahaha).

Happy Hannukah, merry Christmas, happy Kwanzaa -- happy holidays!This right here is the gift that keeps on giving. You can view Jason in all of his glory here:

This post was originally published on mom.me sister site, CafeMom.

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