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Neighbor Complains About 'Christmas Dragons,' and the Internet Is Cracking Up

Photograph by Facebook/DianaRowland

Sure, we might not all have the same taste in Christmas decorations, but for one woman on the internet, her neighbor apparently had enough of her "unique" Christmas style and felt compelled to write her a note. Now this nosy neighbor's complaint against Diana Rowland's "Christmas Dragons" has gone viral, though most people online are finding this touchy neighbor's note to be pretty ridiculous.

The drama started when Rowland, a writer who lives in Mandeville, Louisiana, received an anonymous note from a neighbor complaining about her holiday decorations. Rowland shared the anonymous note in a Facebook post on December 14, and it has since gone viral.

Apparently, dragons are only "marginally acceptable" during Halloween and are absolutely not meant for Christmas, or so says the note's author.

"It makes your neighbors wonder if you are involved in a demonic cult," the neighbor added.

Photograph by Facebook/DianaRowland

"Our dragon holiday display got fan mail," Rowland joked online.

"Apparently the 'true meaning of Christmas' involves judgmental bullshit?" she added. "I'm also not sure I understand how the dragons are only marginally acceptable at Halloween."

Last time we checked, three inflatable dragons are nothing compared to how over-the-top some people get with their Christmas decorations. But hey, what do we know? We think the dragon display is pretty neat.

So, the real question remained. Rowland asked, "I guess they think I need MORE dragons??"

Online, people were cracking up over this whole dragon debacle. Many people encouraged Rowland to make a few tasteful tweaks to her dragons display.

Photograph by Facebook

She said that last year her dragons had been dressed as Mary and Joseph. But overwhelmingly, people seemed agree, when it comes to the dragons:

Photograph by Facebook

Rowland decided to add an extra touch to appease her neighbors.

"In the spirit of neighborhood harmony, I have placed halos on the dragons," Rowland wrote in a follow-up post on December 15. "They are now angels. Ezekial 1:1-28. I'll fight anyone who says different."

Photograph by Facebook/DianaRowland

In the end, Rowland's sister loaned her some of her personal stash, and she was able to make a bigger Christmas dragons display.

"I am proud to present the new and improved and ultra-Christmasified holiday display!" she joked online.

Photograph by Facebook/DianaRowland

Rowland also shared that she received a lot of requests to start crowdfunding to buy even more dragons for her yard.

"As much as I’m tempted to fill my entire yard with ALL THE DRAGONS, I believe that the Christmas season should be about joy and charity," she explained. "Therefore, I would much rather people take the money they might put toward my dragon army and donate it to a worthy organization, such as a local food bank or shelter, or programs for underprivileged kids, etc."

Which just goes to prove that this dragon lady understands the Christmas spirit perfectly.

This post was originally published on Mom.me sister site CafeMom.