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Mom Caught Fat-Shaming a Girl at Son's Day Care

Babys playing together in the kindergarten.
Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

As much as we focus on kids, sometimes it's parents who are the bullies. Just look at one mom from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who is feeling the heat after she posted a video of herself making fun of a toddler who goes to her son's day care. In the controversial video, the mom can be seen taunting the toddler for her weight. Now, administrators at the day care and the little girl's family are speaking out about the hurtful footage shared online.

"I regret it," the mom is now saying. "I regret it, I really do."

The video was taken while the 22-year-old mother was waiting to pick up her son at the Amazing Kidz Academy in North Philadelphia.

In the video, which was later aired on ABC 7, the woman (who has asked not to be identified) is seen telling 2-year-old Aubrey that she needs to "get out of my face with your big ass" and that "what they need to do is stop feeding you."

The mom said that she only meant to send the video to another parent whose child goes to Amazing Kidz, but instead of it being a private message, it ended up being shared on her Instagram feed. The video was then copied and reposted across social media, which is how Aubrey's family—as well as the day care's administration—discovered it.

Aubrey's aunt, Jennifer Ortiz, spoke with the press about her niece's video, remarking, "How could you speak to someone’s kids like that?”

How could you speak to someone’s kids like that?

Speaking with Fox 29 on December 19, Aubrey's aunt spoke out about when her family initially found out about the video. “It’s very shocking, and in front of other kids, it hurt—it hurt a lot," she said.

Aubrey's mother even considered moving her to a different preschool. "Now she has to take off work to find another day care for her, is that fair? No, it’s not,” Ortiz said.

But in a recent interview with the mom who took the video, it seems as if Aubrey's family won't be the one to have to find a new preschool after all.

In the interview, the mom who took the video apologized and explained that she now realizes that her words were hurtful.

The mom told ABC 7 that since her video has gone viral, she now feels badly about what she did. "It was nothing to hurt anyone or anything bad to the little girl," she said in the interview. "I would just really like to apologize to her mother more, because I'm a mother at the end of the day and I couldn't imagine somebody doing this to my son."

"I am 22," she said. "You make dumb mistakes, and I regret it. I regret it, I really do."

As for Amazing Kidz Academy, they've released a statement to ABC 7, which said: "The person who filmed and posted the video did not have our permission to do so. The post was not made by any of our staff. An investigation is under way to uncover the facts."

The mom also said that she reached out to Aubrey's mother on Facebook to apologize but hasn't heard back from her.

Through tears, the mom also said that she spoke to the director of her son's day care, who "was pretty upset."

"I'm pretty sure my son's probably not going to be able to go there anymore," she said. "But I've got to deal with my consequences."

This post was originally published on Mom.me sister site CafeMom.