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Husband Literally Brands Himself as a Cheater for Life With Massive 'Apology' Tattoo

Photograph by Unsplash

When a person finds out a partner has been unfaithful, there are few things the cheater could ever do to repair the heartache and broken trust they caused. But one man who got busted for cheating was apparently willing to do just about anything to try to make it up to his partner. A tattoo artist on Instagram shared the photo of a man's huge chest tattoo that commemorates his infidelity for all the world to see.

The tattoo is a huge paragraph that takes up most of the man's stomach and chest.

Photograph by Instagram

The artist didn't reveal the circumstances surrounding the tattoo or share the details of the man's supposed infidelities, but the tattoo does give some possible clues. “I, Jose L. Torres am getting a tattoo voluntarily on January 2, 2019 so that I can earn my wife’s trust back for the pain and suffering I have caused in our marriage," the tattoo reads. “I am a liar, cheater manipulator, deciever [sic], whore/prostitute lover, dishonest and disrespectul [sic].”

As many have pointed out in the comments, both "deceiver" and "disrespectful" are spelled incorrectly in the tattooed statement. People were stunned by the tattoo and wondered why anyone—the husband, the wife or the tattoo artist—would think it was a good idea.

Others noted that a tattoo, no matter how shocking, is not going to fix their marriage.

Many wanted to know why the tattoo artist agreed to go through with the tattoo and why he didn't fix the spelling errors.

The artist responded by saying that English is his second language so he requires clients to do their own spell-checking.

Of course, not everyone reacted to the tattoo by shaming the man and his artist.

Some viewed the tattoo as an honest attempt by the man to apologize for what he did wrong and wished him the best.

Every couple will handle problems like infidelity in their own way. But tattoos, unlike some relationships, really are forever, so it might be smart to think twice before taking any tattoo inspiration from this guy.

This post was originally published on mom.me sister site CafeMom.