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Dad Filmed Dragging His Kid Through the Airport and Other Parents Aren't Mad About It

Photograph by Facebook

There is almost nothing easy about traveling with kids. From trying to figure out what to pack in their bags to the mid-airport tantrums they throw while you're racing to get them onto the plane on time, every step of the travel process presents a new challenge. But when one dad was traveling through Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia with his daughters on New Year’s Day, he wasn't messing around. Video of the dad dragging his daughter through the airport by the hood of her jacket is going viral—and it's sparking some mixed reactions.

The video, shared on the VT Facebook page, shows the dad pulling the little girl by her hood as she lies on the ground.

He pulls her through the terminal and baggage claim as another child, presumably her big sister, follows along behind them with their suitcases. The video was shared with the caption "looks like this dad has reached his limit," and has been viewed more than 6.5 million times.

For many parents, the video was painfully relatable:

Photograph by Facebook

After all, most parents have had that moment at an airport where the kids just won't cooperate.

Others theorized that maybe the child wasn't in trouble at all — maybe she just wanted her dad to slide her through the airport for fun.

Photograph by Facebook

Most kids have asked for stranger things, to be honest. My son dips cantaloupe in ketchup.

Most people just thought the video was hilarious.

Photograph by Facebook

But not everyone was on board. Some people actually called the video child abuse.

Photograph by Facebook

Others were more worried about all of the germs on the airport floor.

Photograph by Facebook

And some people said the dad clearly didn't have control over his children and should have spanked them instead.

Photograph by Facebook

Because the American Academy of Pediatrics is against spanking, it seems like coat-dragging might actually be the better option here.

The dad wasn't named and has not come forward to talk about the video, so why he was actually dragging his daughter is anyone's guess. But from watching the video, it looks to me like the little girl is totally calm and enjoying her slide through the terminal. It might not be every parent's ideal way of transporting their kids, but chances are this dad and his daughters got where they needed to go with no harm done.

At the end of the day, parents are just doing what they need to so to survive.

No judgment here.

This post was originally published on mom.me sister site CafeMom.