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Mom's Hilarious Potty Training Post Is the Laugh We All Need Today

Photograph by Facebook/Shona Sloth

Despite all of our differences in raising children, there's one thing that almost all parents can agree on: potty training sucks. So, when first-time mom Shona McLoughlin decided to post an innocent potty training question on Facebook, she had no idea her post would go completely viral, making parents everywhere crack up.

In her post, McLoughlin asks, "Am I doing it right? Sat here waiting for her to pee. Do I just keep sitting her on the potty and hope she gets it?"

Seems like a common question ... until you see the pics:

It appears McLoughlin has ingeniously (and hilariously) covered her entire floor in what appears to be puppy pee pads to prevent any potential accidents from making a mess. Talk about the ultimate mom hack!

And people are dying.

Photograph by Facebook
Photograph by Facebook
Photograph by Facebook

The good natured mom took it all in stride with some follow-up comments sharing how she's also protecting her furniture.

Photograph by Facebook

And the thread just kept getting better.

When someone commented that, despite McLoughlin's attempts to keep her floors mess-free, toddlers will still "find an uncovered spot to pee on!" the inventive mom was ready with her response.

Photograph by Facebook

An update on Day 3 of potty training showed that the floor coverage was getting smaller and smaller.

Will her daughter end up potty trained? No one knows, but you can bet the people of the internet are now invested in her success. As of this writing, McLoughlin's post has garnered over 17,000 likes and 24,000 shares. Clearly, the trials and tribulations of potty training is something we can all come together for.

Thanks for the laugh, Shona!

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