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A Trailer for a 'Little Mermaid' Horror Movie Surfaced & It's Freaking People Out

A magical underwater kingdom. Talking sea creatures. So many great songs. Sure, there's a lot to debate when it comes to Disney's "The Little Mermaid"mainly how Ariel gives up her voice in order to get a guy—but part of us still has a soft spot for this cartoon, which was definitely a childhood staple for many millennials. Unfortunately, a trailer for a live-action "The Little Mermaid" movie has been floating around the internet that's giving people pause. It's nothing like the Disney cartoon we once loved, as it shows a seriously scary side of Ariel—and has many fans less than thrilled about this new, horror-filled take.

The trailer starts out with a young couple separating from their group and setting off to explore a "mermaid cove" on the beach.

Photograph by Like2watch/Facebook

Surprisingly, the girl has to ask the guy, Tyler, where they're going—despite an obvious sign directing them to the exact spot!

Once inside the cove, the girl steps on something.

Photograph by Like2watch/Facebook

Gah! It's a dinglehopper—err, fork!

And then Ariel shows up!

Photograph by Like2watch/Facebook

But she's obviously extremely shy, considering how she's hiding in the water like that.

But pay no attention to that human skull in the corner, folks!

Photograph by Like2watch/Facebook

Clearly it's just decoration ... right? (We truly hope so!)


Photograph by Like2watch/Facebook

Just as Tyler is reaching for Ariel's webbed hand, she shows him the rest of her face — including a massive set of teeth!

We're just going to assume it didn't end well for him.

By the end of the video, people were downright angry.

Photograph by Facebook

They accused the movie of ruining their childhood, and wanted to make sure there were warnings so that parents wouldn't mistakenly take their kids to see the movie.

Some were p*ssed off about the quality, too.

Photograph by Facebook

Couldn't the script have included a little more than the girl saying Tyler's name 45 times? (Asking for an annoyed friend.)

There were also questions about which Disney horror remake would come next.

TBH, we would be curious to see a "Finding Nemo" with a "Jaws" twist. Also down for a "Frozen" thriller, too!

Some took the opportunity to point out that "The Little Mermaid" wasn't a happy story to begin with.

Photograph by Facebook

As one user described (in a novel-like comment), it was originally written by Hans Christian Andersen, and aside from focusing on Ariel's love for Prince Eric, she also wanted to be human in order to have a soul (after death, mermaids apparently become sea foam). Some highlights include the fact that Ariel's new legs were so painful she would bleed, and a plan to permanently off Eric toward the end.

Umm ... how the heck did Disney get a music-loving lobster from that?!

Sadly, though, this movie isn't real!

This parody trailer was originally posted by beauty vlogger Rachel Levin, aka rclbeauty101, who made the parody with her boyfriend, Tyler Regan.

Still, it's worth a watch!

For the record, should they make a real version one day. We'll definitely be tuning in.

This post was originally published on Mom.me sister site CafeMom.

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