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How Did We Not Know a Snickers-Flavored Coffee Creamer Now Exists?!

If you're reading this while drinking your third cup of lukewarm coffee, we've got amazing news for you: Coffee-Mate has just released a new line of creamers that taste just like candy: Snickers and Dove Dark Chocolate Almond, to be exact.

No, seriously.

The Snickers creamer tastes like peanuts and caramel, while the Dove version contains notes of "the silky smoothness" of dark chocolate and almond. Can't decide which one to get? Get one for your morning coffee and the other for your afternoon pick-me-up—you know, before the witching hours start.

Both creamers retail for approximately $3.59 for a 32-ounce bottle, so they'll last you a while. Anything that makes our morning coffee that much more delicious without a hefty $5 price tag (we're looking at you, Starbucks) is a huge win, in our book. We may not even mind having to reheat it for the fourth time in an hour.

And the best part? This is one kind of candy the kids won't be begging for us to share with them!

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