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Someone Designed a Box of Jason 'Momoa' Girl Scout Cookies & We Need Them ASAP

Photograph by Instagram

As if we needed another reason to throw on leggings, hop in our cars and drive off to see our little "cookie pushers," this right here might send women (and men) into a sugar coma. Some awesome person put Jason Momoa on a box of Girl Scout cookies, and it's nothing short of magical.

The "Aquaman" star is front and center on a "Momoas" Girl Scout cookies box.

Photograph by Total Nerd/Facebook

Oh, how fine this man is. We didn't think even Jason Momoa could make us stare at our screens ... but it's been 10 minutes, and here we still are!

We'll take 70 boxes ... and maybe Jason in our bed. (Not an option? OK, we'll just take all the boxes.)

It's safe to say people are ready to put in their orders for these Girl Scout cookies.

Photograph by Total Nerd/Facebook

The reaction is clear: Folks love Jason as much as they do a box of Girl Scout cookies ... maybe a little more.

Photograph by Total Nerd/Facebook

Seriously, can anyone imagine walking through the store and seeing this perfectly chiseled body staring you in the face, enticing you to lick the box — we mean, buy a box?

As much as this was all in fun, it's kinda perfect, considering Jason loves Girl Scout cookies.

Photograph by Instagram

Hey, Girl Scouts, this might be the partnership your organization needs. People love those yummy cookies as-is, but putting Jason on the front of a box — preferably with his shirt off — just might double sales.

This post was originally published on Mom.me sister site CafeMom.

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