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Man Gives Fiancée a 'Vaccine Ultimatum' After Finding Out the Truth

Photograph by fizkes/iStock.com

The heart will always want what it wants, but the head doesn't necessarily allow it to follow. At least, that's the case for one man on Reddit, who learned his fiancée is walking back on her promise to vaccinate their future kids.

The man admitted he knew his fiancée was unvaccinated before proposing, but the two had agreed to try alternate vaccine schedules on any future kids.

That apparently wasn't enough to placate her.

"She’s up in arms about this now, saying how I’m being manipulative and abusive because I’m giving her ultimatums over this. The first night we decided to enter our relationship, I told her I will never change and that my children are going to be vaccinated. She said she understood and would be willing to work towards it. Suddenly she’s not."

He went on to explain that after doing research on vaccines, he just wasn't comfortable not giving them to his children. He also noted that he really didn't want to end things with her.

"So I told her. I gave her the maximum of what I’m comfortable with. I can’t go further than that. And now she’s upset that I’m willing to walk away over this fight."

Ultimately, he wanted to know if he was being "unreasonable" for standing his ground this way.

Naturally, the internet had opinions — and most of them were in total support of the man and his hesitancy.

Photograph by Reddit

"IMO [you're] thinking of your future," another person commented. "You want someone to be very compatible on the essentials. Whether you want kids or not, whether to vaccinate or not, whether to do medications or not. Is that going to be an issue later too? I never thought it would be until my ex refused to give our child essential medication. It’s been a huge huge struggle to educate him on the basics, to get him involved with doctors and counselors and his ongoing refusal to be educated slows down the decisions on things that are best for our child. (Like I said IMO, he probably thinks I’m the crazy one for thinking medication is important.) I know you love this woman, but be prepared for all contingencies [like] if you have kids and it doesn’t work out or there are medical issues you both don’t agree on as she has already shown that she doesn’t agree with what you feel is pretty basic care."

Nearly unanimously everyone said the same thing: RUN.

"Honestly I would end it even if she agrees to do it. Because I could easily see her marrying you, having a kid and then going back on her word. And now you're in the same position but married with a kid," one commenter wrote.

Truthfully, the commenters have a point — no matter what one's vaccine stance may be. After all, if it can't be agreed upon now, it will be a lot harder to suss out when little ones are here.

This post was originally published on Mom.me sister site CafeMom.

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