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Best Parenting Hack Ever: Woman Gets Baby to Sleep Fast

One woman is now the envy of parents around the world, now that she's shown us how to put a baby to sleep in under a minute.

In a video shared by the French magazine Pour Nous Les Femmes, a woman sits on a chair with an infant who doesn't look all that tired ... until the woman starts running her hand and fingers over the baby's head and face.

The gentle head massage appears to lull the child into a dreamy reverie for the first 30 seconds until the baby falls completely asleep on the woman's chest in under a minute. Under. A. Minute.

Sleep-deprived jaws are understandably dropping all over the world, as the video has been viewed more than 3.6 million times on Facebook, with more than 71,000 shares as of this morning. (We actually got kind of sleepy ourselves, looking at the video.)

Parents, this looks like something you should definitely try at home!

Image via Facebook/DailyMail

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