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Oh Snap! Dad's Drawings of His Baby Take It to the Next Level

Parent-baby bonding can be pretty transformative. For Lukas Costeur and his newborn, Felix, the transformation is pretty literal.

Costeur, who became a dad in November, channels his inner graphic designer on Snapchat almost every night by turning a sleepy baby Felix into pop culture icons.

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"After he's fed, he likes to fall asleep in our arms," Costeur told the Huffington Post. "Sometimes this can go quite quickly, but usually he is still awake an hour later, responding to all kinds of stimuli."

Costeur joins a pretty solid group of viral parenting snaps and trends. (Remember when parents were using Snapchat filters to scare kids?)

While Snapchat is traditionally beloved by teens and millennials, the app is on the verge of its "mom moment." Just as Facebook and Myspace went mainstream after hitting 15 percent of adult Internet users, analysts think Snapchat is also on track to take off soon, after reaching 15 percent of users older than 18 in the last half of 2015. (Don't worry, kids—we won't post too many embarrassing things. Good thing snaps are temporary.)

For those who might miss his snaps (there are more than 50 illustrations now), Costeur also shares his drawing on Tumblr and Facebook as "Snapdad." He hopes to continue the series "as long as the extreme fatigue doesn't take over."

Behold some of the funniest and cutest baby snaps of all time:

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Everything is awesome!

Photographs by: Facebook/Snapdad

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