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This Is Why Parents Should't Let Kids Use iPads in the Car

little girl holding digital tablet while sitting in car
Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

Technology has posed a variety of opportunities, challenges and even risks for our children. Unlike those before them, parents are trying to find the perfect balance for their kids, and when it comes to screen time, people definitely have opinions. For some, screentime is heavily monitored and limited to only certain times and places. For others, screen time is more liberal, and parents will happily take the iPad along with them wherever they go in order to keep their little ones occupied while out and about.

While every parent has a right to make whatever decision they feel is the best one for their kid around screen time, one thing that shouldn't be up for debate is letting kids in car seats hang on to iPads.

Daytime show "The Doctors" welcomed Tot Squad founder and safety technician Jennifer Beall Saxton to share tips on how to keep kids safe while in the car, and she revealed why iPads can be especially dangerous in an accident.

According to Saxton, an iPad may just weigh two pounds, but "when you're in an accident, you multiply the weight of that toy times the speed. So, if you have a two pound iPad times 50 miles an hour, [it] means you might be getting hit with a hundred pounds of force ..."

How scary is that? And the same concept holds for any loose objects in the car, whether its toys hanging from a bar across the car seat, or random things flying from an unzipped purse.

Clearly, car seat safety goes far beyond the correct placement of the chest clip.

To see the rest of Saxton's tips, check out the clip below.

This post was originally published on Mom.me sister site CafeMom.

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