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The Funniest Parenting Tweets This Week: January 17–22

Congrats to One Direction's Louis Tomlinson, who today welcomed his son with Los Angeles stylist Briana Jungwirth!

To celebrate his big news, we wanted to share the funniest tweets from parents who've been around the baby block more than a few times — in case he needed a glimpse of what parenting is really like.

Pretty soon, we'll be expecting bleary-eyed #DadLife tweets from Tomlinson about colic, all-nighters and, of course, what makes his baby beautiful. Not only that, but #NightChanges will have a whole new meaning. In the meantime, check out what these hilarious moms and dads had to say this week.

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1. Forget Babies R Us!

2. The One Thing That's Not Contagious

3. D'oh!

4. Now What Did I Need in Here?

5. Don't Even Think About It, Criminal!

6. Nooooo!

7. And Don't Even Think About Forgetting the Sour Cream!

8. Because I Said So!

9. It's. Just. Too. Far.

10. Sigh. Just Sigh.

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