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What's in Your Diaper Bag Can Cure Acne and Hangovers?!

The secret is out! The New York Post recently published diaper bag hacks that adults—yes, even non-parents—can use for non-baby-related dilemmas. And the suggestions are pretty mind-blowing.

But do the hacks really work? We drill down so you don't have to.

1. Use Pedialyte to cure hangovers

Well, kind of. The over-the-counter remedy is given to dehydrated kids when they're sick, but parents have been using it to "See the Lyte" after a kid-free night out. ("See the Lyte" is Pedialyte's new campaign name targeting adults, who make up at least a third of their market.) They even have a more-easily transportable flavored powder pack version now that you can just mix with water.

Because alcohol can dehydrate you, Pedialyte makes you feel better by stepping in to help rehydrate your body. Think of it like a bottle of Gatorade, but double the sodium and with five times as much potassium AND half the calories. Sodium tells the kidneys to retain more water in the body and potassium is a key nutrient you lose during your trips to the bathroom.

What Pedialyte doesn't help with are other symptoms of drinking too much alcohol, like its effect on your sleep cycle and digestive system.

2. Baby powder as dry shampoo

Too busy to wash your hair and would like to go to a work meeting without your staple messy bun? No problem. Take your little one's baby powder and sprinkle some of it on your hair, massage it in a bit and comb through. Like store-bought dry shampoo, the baby powder soaks up the excess oil in your hair and on your scalp so you can look clean without having to wash. You can also try baking soda and corn starch, but hey, if baby powder is already in your diaper bag, why not go with the easy choice?

3. Baby wipes to remove makeup

You're already carrying so much in your diaper bag and your mom purse, so skip the makeup remover and just use the baby wipes (and baby wipes are usually cheaper)! Most of the time, wipes can easily remove mild makeup, but if you're wearing heavy makeup like waterproof mascaras and waxy lipstick, you might need to try a few different baby wipes before you find the right one.

Bonus tip: You can also pull out a sheet to tame your frizzy hair.

4. Diaper cream for adult acne

Thanks to postpartum acne, a mom can spend a ton of money on expensive creams from the dermatologist. Instead, if you find yourself breaking out, try the diaper cream for spot-treating acne. (But test it somewhere that's not on your face first!) Diaper creams are meant to keep the baby bum from developing rashes caused by moisture, so they usually contain a high quantity of zinc oxide. Zinc oxide has drying properties that work both on rashes and oily skin while blocking irritants from the skin. But if your acne isn't caused by high oil production, you'd probably want to keep the diaper cream to just baby's bum.

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