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Parents Can't Believe What They Saw in the Baby Monitor

Parents all over the world are familiar with this bedtime scenario: rushing to get the kids to bed and, on especially looong days (you know the ones I mean,) skipping some parts of the routine to speed up the whole process and call it a day.

Kathryn and Caleb Whitt of Seneca, South Carolina, recently had such an evening where instead of doing their 2-year-old daughter Sutton's nightly prayers, they skipped them so they wouldn't miss the NFC championship game.

Then, they started hearing noises upstairs.

Out of curiosity, the couple quickly turned on the baby monitor and were delighted and surprised to hear little Sutton reciting her prayers without them. She prays for everyone from her parents to her grandma and even oft-forgotten Santa Claus.

Yes, Santa gets a shoutout in Sutton's prayers.

Luckily for the world, they decided to hit record and shared the adorable video that's capturing hearts everywhere.

Since they shared the video on Facebook, the family has received thousands of messages from people saying how moved they were.

Her mother says, "I was just shocked at her age that she wanted to think through everyone she wanted to pray for. She knows she is part of something big, but doesn't know exactly what."

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Photograph by: Kathryn Walsh

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