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Attempt at Viral Video Leaves Teen Possibly Blind

Photograph by Facebook

When Washington state teen Skylar Fish and his friends tried to make a viral video like all the other "Duct Tape Challenge" ones they'd seen, they didn't expect things to go as wrong as they did.

Fish, 14, shattered his eye socket after he hit his head on concrete and a window frame while trying to escape from a full-body duct tape wrap. His injuries required emergency surgery, and he may lose sight in the injured eye.

Fish was having fun with his friends at Renton Academy, doing the challenge for a second time. In it, friends wrap each other head-to-toe in duct tape, then film each other trying to escape. Fish was wrapped while standing up and, because he couldn't move his limbs, he easily lost his balance. He fell forward, catching his eye on a window frame and smashing his head on concrete.

He suffered severe head injuries and a brain aneurysm, in addition to possibly irreparable damage to his eye socket. Doctors put 48 staples in his head to correct the injury, the Independent reports. He has been recovering in the hospital since Jan. 16.

There are dozens of duct tape challenge videos on YouTube, some of which have more than 1 million views. There are probably safer ways to conduct the challenge or have fun with teen friends, but not accepting a risky challenge at all is the easiest way to avoid such injuries.

Fish's mother, Sarah Fish, told reporters that doctors said her son's injuries were more in line with those they see from car crashes. She calls what happened to him a "freak accident" and said the teen is not only lucky to be alive, but lucky that he hadn't suffered brain damage.

Police reviewed surveillance tape to determine whether there had been any criminal behavior. They concluded no, that Fish and his friends were "just being stupid."

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