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This Is What a Ken Doll With a 'Dad Bod' Would Look Like

Barbie's not the only one embracing her curves. After some Twitter users demanded the iconic doll's boyfriend get a makeover, too, U.K.-based website Lyst decided to take action.

The result? Say hello to Ken with a "dad bod."

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The fashion ecommerce platform enlisted the help of graphic artist Jamie Phillips and redesigned Ken to feature Beach Dad Bod, Bearded Hipster Ken, Balding Ken, as well as black, Asian and petite versions, sporting Lyst-provided and available attires.

"Real men don't all look like Ken, just as real women don't all look like Barbie—so it's about time the doll was more reflective and a bit more body-positive," Katherine Ormerod, editorial director at Lyst, told Today.

According to the company's press release, the team analyzed the customer demographic data, plus the most popular fashion items purchased by men last year, to reflect the "modern man's real appearance, plus real fashion tastes."

But right now the Ken "fashionistos" line is just a mock-up and the dolls haven't been created yet. Lyst may start producing them soon and to further diversify the current selections.

"It's clear from the response that the world needs more Kens," Ormerod told Mashable.

We'll drink to that!

Photograph by: Lyst

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