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Can You Guess Which One's the Mom?

Is the dress black and blue? Or white and gold? Can you spot the panda among the snowmen? The Internet is forever enamored with puzzling tricks on the eye, and now the latest viral sensation involves a mom and her twin daughters.

When Kaylan Mahomes posted a selfie of herself with her twin Kyla and their mom on Twitter, she didn't think it was a big deal. She captioned the photo "Mom, twin and me." Pretty self-explanatory, right?

But thanks to a seemingly ageless mother and the same luminous glow, the ladies look more like triplets than mother and daughters—and the social media universe agrees. Since the selfie was first posted on January 28, it's been shared over 18,000 times and even prompted fans to create memes of the image:

The Indianapolis trio has even started an Instagram page, momtwinandme, with more head-scratching pictures of themselves (and perhaps some hints as to the correct answer).

And now, can you guess which of these three women is the mom? No. 1, 2 ... or 3?

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Photograph by: Kaylan Mahomes

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