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The Funniest Parenting Tweets This Week: February 1–5

Winter is upon us, and so is Super Bowl 50. While many of us are stuck indoors during this blustery season — and getting pretty grumpy about it at that — others are diligently prepping "Snackadiums" and bacon explosions for that annual pigskin party.

Our funny parents are sounding a bit "over it" this week. Maybe it's the weather. Maybe it's all of the gross winter germs floating around the office and the schoolyard this week.

Whatever the case, they still make us laugh. With them, that is. Not at them.

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1. This Is Pretty Fantastic.

2. Mr. Grumpy in the House!

3. What the ...?

4. Score!

5. Yep. Always a Showdown.

6. Just Go Ahead and Try It.

7. Apparently, It Is Just Me.

8. Just Decide Already!

9. #MomLife

10. Ouch. Poor Dad.

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