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Your Home Can Now Smell Like Disneyland

If you're still dreaming about your last Disney vacation, have no fear. Etsy store Anthology Candles can make your bedroom, living room and even bathroom smell like your favorite magical theme park, thanks to a new line of Disneyland-inspired scented candles.

Exactly what kind of scents encapsulate the Magic Kingdom, you wonder? Think their most famous food items like Dole Whip and churros. There's even a Main Street Bakery scented candle which supposedly smells like hazelnut coffee and sugar cookies. Who wouldn't want their whole house to smell like that?!

There are also candles based on popular attractions like the Haunted Mansion, which contains the oh-so-delightful scents of "Musty Carpets, Dusty Furnishings, Graveyard Grasses" and the Black Pearl candle—referencing the infamous ship from "The Pirates of the Caribbean." Can you think of anything better than the soothing scent of "moldy and mildewy wood" infusing your living quarters?

Or if you've been dreaming of a wall-to-wall library of your very own, how about treating yourself to a Belle's Library candle, which has magically combined the scents of wild roses and a "hint of leather" into its expertly packaged jar?

And the uber Disney fans just can't get enough. Since South Carolina couple Stephen and Rheney Williams launched the line, the candles have rapidly sold out, causing the shop to close temporarily while they restock.

A message posted on the Etsy store from the owners reads:

"Thank you so much for bearing with us during this exciting transition! We are back in a very limited capacity and are offering a small selection of our candles for purchase with an expected delivery date of 2-4 MONTHS from date of purchase. They could be delivered much sooner than expected but we cannot guarantee it. PLEASE ONLY ORDER IF YOU ARE WILLING TO WAIT!"

So, are you willing to wait?

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Photograph by: Anthology Candles

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