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Piglet Rescued from Blizzard

While driving home slowly in a blizzard from a day of skiing in Maryland, the Smith family noticed something out of place on the side of the road, according to Today.

"My son and I both kind of saw it at the same time," Perry Smith said. "It was like this pink puffball-type thing, and the color just didn't quite match the snowbank."

Not far behind the family car was a snowplow, which was going to be a problem for whatever animal was suffering on the side of the road. So Smith decided to stop the car. That's when his son, who has the same name, said "It's a pig, Dad."

And a pig it was. It look as though the shivering creature had been walking for about 75 yards in the bitter cold. So the family did the right thing: they brought the freezing piglet into the car, wrapped it in a sweatshirt and tried to warm it up.

Even though their hotel had a no-pets policy, the Smiths smuggled the pig into their room and did their best to warm it up and feed it until they could get more information from a humane society.

They named the piglet Wee Wee and took it home, but considering that the animal would grow to some 700 pounds, they knew they had to find a place for it to live. That's then they found the Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary in Maryland, which promised a life of happiness for Wee Wee, along with 50 other pig friends and no chance of ever being slaughtered.

But due to the inclement weather, Wee Wee would have to stay with the Smiths for a few more days, which led to great photo ops of a cute, pink piglet having the run of the house.

We love a happy ending. And cute piggy pictures.

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Images via Facebook/PerrySmith

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