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Woman Gives Birth Over Live Radio

Live Tweeting your birth is so last year. Dad Brandon Luttman, also known as DJ Brando to listeners of 106.5 FM "the Arch" in St. Louis, decided to take things one step further by airing his wife giving birth to their fourth child on live radio.

The radio DJ and executive producer tells Someecards, "Honestly, I wasn't sure how my wife Alex would react to the idea of putting the birth live on the radio, but to my surprise, she agreed. I'm just happy she didn't fire off an f-bomb."

And even the medical staff were game for this special delivery. When Brandon announced to the delivery team that they would be broadcast on live radio, they all agreed to keep things clean and "not gross-sounding."

And his awesome rock star of a wife gave the listeners a good show and calmly delivered a generous nine pound, nine ounce baby August with just two pushes and zero screaming. Seriously, someone give this woman a medal.

And like any live show, there's always the possibility of unexpected moments—like when newborn August didn't seem to be breathing at first. The minute of silence that stretches out over air while you hear nurses working in the background to try to get him to breath feels like hours. Finally, listeners—and a relieved Mom and Dad—hear August's first tiny wail and all is well in the world.

It seems like August was born with a knack for entertainment like this father. "This kid has star potential. He knows the importance of making a grand entrance and to not keep your audience waiting too long," shares Luttman.

Listen to the entire amazing birth below:

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Photographs by: Brandon Luttman

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