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Husband Settles Bed-Hogging Debate in the Best Way

If you've ever woken up to find your partner's arm on your face or head in your pillow space, you don't have to suffer anymore. One man has managed to settle the lengthy debate with his wife by setting up a laser that draws a line down the middle of the bed.

Jon Nagel from Dallas, Texas, posted a pretty priceless photo on Reddit that now has a million views—and many hilarious comments.

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"This argument stops now," the post title declares.

"In our house there is no debate, ONLY DATA," his caption reads.

Nagel is a data scientist in the video game industry, and he put his love of data to good use. He bought a "line effect" remote-controlled laser for $35.95 on eBay, measured the king-sized mattress and mounted the laser to a TV on the wall.

"The laser was inspired by playful teasing, no spite," Nagel told ABC News. "We both kept saying the other was over the middle."

"I really love Jon's nerdery," his wife Michelle said. "While some couples find this to be a point of vicious tension, worst case in our house is a playful pillow fight or over-exaggerated snuggles until someone gets back to their side."

The debate may seem like all fun and games, but some commenters know what's really going on here. One Reddit user quipped, "Everyone knows the border dispute is a front. The real war to be waged is over the comforter. In this war, there are no battle lines."

Jon and Michelle have been married for five years and are currently expecting twins.

"I'm sure I will creep onto his side more as I get bigger, but I find those to be extenuating circumstances," Michelle said. "And any jury would side with me on that one. If the belly crosses the laser, that is the babies invading territory, not me."

We're with her on this one. Give Mom all the space she wants!

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And let's just say, once those babies grow a bit older, a laser isn't going to stop them from helicopter kicking Daddy in the jaw in the middle of the night.

Photographs by: Reddit

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