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Would You Ever Put Your Baby in This Bouncer?

The parents of Facebook are always good for one thing: offering lots of passionate (and that's putting it nicely) comments about any and every topic involving baby safety. And the latest shocking thing to incur the wrath of righteous social media parents everywhere is video of an innovative new baby bouncer.

Now, to be fair, this isn't any ordinary baby product. The Babocush markets itself as an innovative accessory in the form of a cushion with a harness that attaches to most baby bouncers, which parents can place a baby on, tummy-down (cue the first outraged gasp here). The pressure of the gentle vibrations on the tummy is also supposed to help babies with colic, reflux and all sorts of mysterious baby ailments that would surely make any person a millionaire if they could truly diagnose them.

According to the product's website, "When your baby just won't settle in the rocker, bouncer or play mat, the Babocush offers an alternative option. Tummy-down, face to the side, relaxing against the soft cover and soothed by the gentle vibration and heartbeat, you can relax and know that your baby will be comforted and settled ..."

The tummy-down position seeks to mimic the "head over shoulder" position that many parents use to hold their infants, and aims to give parents back some "'me time' to grab a shower, a cuppa or a family meal together in peace without the stress of listening to your baby scream when you have to set them down."

Babocush recently shared a video of this magical product on their Facebook page and were immediately ambushed with comments—over 25,000 and counting—many of them from horrified parents who couldn't ever imagine putting their precious bundle of joy down at all.

"Nothing can replace mom, it's just not the same," writes one commenter.

While another proclaims that if you're too busy to hold a baby, "why did you bother to have one?"

"People need to parent. If your child is such an inconvenience to care for your newborn [sic], don't have one. This product is simply a way to allow parents and friends and family to avoid bonding at a crucial time in your little one's life," says another righteous parent.

And yet another shares this deep pearl of wisdom that everyone and their mama has probably already heard, "They are tiny for such a short time. Make the most of it—cleaning will be there tomorrow."

Granted, there are also just as many comments praising the product and moms wishing they had known about it when their kids were infants and suffering from reflux or colic.

So, what do you think? Is this a crazy genius baby product or just plain crazy?

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Photograph by: Babocush

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