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This Hilarious Dinnertime Post Has Moms Everywhere Dying of Laughter

Every mom knows the hell that is dinnertime—a time of day when you're already worn down by endless requests, whining, attempted naps and, well, life in general. And to top it off, you've got to think of something healthy-ish that your kids will actually eat and not throw back at you like the little tyrants they are.

After feeling totally defeated when bedtime finally rolls around, you go online to relax only to see a picture some mom posted of some mini-gourmet meal made with organic everything and quinoa-this and kale that, cut into cute little animal shapes which either a) totally makes you feel inadequate and like a failure of a mother or b) wonder who the hell has time to do that.

That's exactly why when Bunmi Laditan, the founder of Honest Toddler, posted her hilarious take on this typically sanctimonious meal post, the moms of Facebook went nuts—in the most awesome way possible.

The post immediately went viral, and moms just couldn't get enough—going so far as to chime in with their own sarcastic comments, which Laditan replied to completely in "sanctimommy" character. And it just gets better and better from there.

One woman commented, "What's that white styrofoam looking cup, though?" to which Laditan replies, "That's a reclaimed cup that I found in our city's landfill this morning and gently washed with vinegar and Castile soap. It contains a broccoli and hemp seed medley." And in case you were wondering, no, her kids "don't have allergies (breastfed)."

Another tags a friend and asks her, "[W]hy don't your children cry tears of joy when you make dinner? Oh wait—you had a C-section. Your kids will never love you." Laditan immediately chimes in, "They're not even your kids. They belong to the surgeon who gave them life. Sad."

And when another mom mentions how "horrifying" it is that she didn't "air fry" the food for her kids, the funny mom goes one step further by explaining that the food was heated from "my breath and bosom." But, of course.

And our favorite exchange:

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Photograph by: Bunmi Laditan

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