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9 Times Ryan Reynolds' Tweets About Fatherhood Killed Us

Besides being the "Sexiest Dad Alive", Ryan Reynolds could also easily be the funniest dad alive if his hilarious Tweets are any indication. Here are just nine times the "Deadpool" actor slayed us with his humor, inspired by his daughter James.

Because if you can't laugh at parenting, well, you just won't make it.

1. Tough life lessons start early in the Reynolds-Lively household

2. At least he's honest...

3. You're never too early to be a Tiger Dad

4. The man's got priorities, people

5. Giving his daughter the gift of a lifetime

6. Yes, yes it is.

7. Dressing baby girls is THE BEST THING EVER

8. What better way to celebrate your offspring than with a public declaration of love?

9. He's a realist—and so is his poetry

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Photograph by: Ryan Reynolds

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