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10-Year-Old Girl Rescued After Falling Through Snow

A casual family stroll near Castle Peak Mountain in California turned into a near tragedy when a 10-year-old girl slipped through a patch of snow into the freezing waters below. Samantha White had fallen 10 feet below the surface.

"At first I thought it was just an indent, but I fell in and I felt one of my legs hanging," Samantha told ABC station KXTV in Sacramento. "I was scared and calling out for help," she said. "My feet were freezing."

William White, Samantha's father, tried to rescue her using a snow pole but she could not pull herself out.

By chance, a search and rescue team was training nearby and rushed to retrieve Samantha from the hole using a rope system.

"If not for the actions of the Marin County Search and Rescue Team, Samantha's disposition might be quite different," Thomas Jordan, emergency service coordinator for Marin County, told reporters at a news conference.

Samantha told KXTV she is thankful for her rescuers. "I was happy that they were training there," she said.

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