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Charlize Theron Proves Even Celeb Moms Have to Deal With Meltdowns

Photograph by Bruja / Splash News

Charlize Theron might be an Oscar-winning 5-foot-10 stunner who's been linked to famous names like Sean Penn, but there's one particular way the 40-year-old mom of two is "just like us."

Welcome to the meltdown club, Charlize.

The "Mad Max" star was caught on camera earlier this week, dragging her crying adopted son, Jackson, to the car. From the photos posted on OK! magazine, it looks as if Theron (sans nanny) is trying to place her adopted infant daughter, August, in the car, when 4-year-old Jackson decides to make a break for it.

Yelling in his direction, as he runs in the parking lot ("I said get back here right now, Jackson Theron!" we imagine her saying), Theron then appears to take him by the arm and bring him (unwillingly, of course) to her car.

While OK! calls Theron a "Monster Mom," a nod to her 2003 movie "Monster," for which she took home the Academy Award, to us it just looks as if she's dealing with a typical 4-year-old and trying to make sure he doesn't get hurt in a parking lot.

And according to Radar Online, Theron was taking Jackson out of his dance class in Hollywood because of a temper tantrum.

Yes, we've all been there. Most of us, however, just haven't been caught on camera while it was happening.

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