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Twin Sisters Deliver Second Set of Twins a Month Apart

Two sisters in Salt Lake City, Utah are twinning…in everything. They both work as teachers at the same school, are building houses next to each other and these ladies are twins who just delivered their second set of twins just a month apart.

Identical twin sisters Kerri Bunker and Kelli Wall, 36, both delivered their second set of twins this year. Bunker had a daughter and boy/girl twins when she delivered her second set of twins, two more boys on February 13th. Wall was enjoying being mom to twin girls when she delivered her second set of twins, a boy and a girl on January 11th, 8 weeks before her due date.

Both pregnancies were delightful surprises as Bunker who already had three children was told by doctors that she would not be able to have another child.

Our jaws dropped because we weren't trying for kids, we weren't expecting them — not one, let alone two," she told Inside Edition.

Wall wanted more children but couldn't contain her excitement when she was told she would be having twins-again.

"I felt super shocked. It was a surprise," Wall said.

Maybe the two families will create one huge backyard so that all nine of their children can play together. Their backyard barbecues are going to be bananas!

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