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Even Hollywood's Rich and Famous Have to Pump in Bathrooms

Photograph by Getty Images

Yes, Leo finally won his Oscar and Chris Rock told some controversial jokes, but some other really big news from the awards ceremony involved Best Support Actor nominee Tom Hardy and his stunning wife actress Charlotte Riley.

When Hardy was spotted pacing around outside of the Dolby Theater bathrooms, an LA Times reporter asked him if he was there because he was nervous. Quite the opposite, Hardy revealed, "I'm just waiting for my wife to finish breast pumping in the bathroom. She has to do it every hour."

While this may seem like a charming anecdote of a doting husband waiting for his wife, what it really does is point out the glaring lack of accommodations for breastfeeding mothers of all kinds, everywhere.

And Riley, who had her baby October 15, isn't the first famous mom to have to pump in—let's face it—undignified and unsanitary places. Scarlett Johansson pumped backstage at last year's Oscars and "Hills" star Kristen Cavallari shared a picture on Instagram of herself pumping in an airport bathroom.

Even megastar Adele once shared that during the 2013 award season, she was "running to the toilet, between awards, to pump-and-dump. Which loads of people were doing, by the way. All these Hollywood superstars, lined up and breastfeeding in the ladies'."

That's right, we "normal" moms aren't the only ones that have to hide away in cars, restrooms and other odd places to pump milk for our babies. Apparently all nursing moms, famous or not, face the eternal struggle of finding a decent place to pump that doesn't involve other people's bodily functions. If even Hollywood's elite can't be provided a suitable room for pumping and nursing moms, what hope is there for the rest of us?

That's just not OK.

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