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Family Dog Saves Diabetic Boy's Life

A family dog is being called a hero by the mother of a 7-year-old boy who suffers from Type 1 diabetes.

According to CBS 6, Dorrie Nuttell learned that her son Luke had diabetes when he was just 2 years old. Type 1 diabetes is a rare form of diabetes that prevents the body from producing insulin, causes extreme thirst, sudden weight loss and extreme tiredness, according to the American Diabetes Association. The family soon adopted Jedi, a service dog trained to sniff out low or high levels of blood sugar.

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One evening, as the family slept, Jedi awakened Dorrie to check on Luke, who was sleeping next to her. Luke's sugar level was dropping out of a "safe range," but only Jedi could sense it.

Dorrie wrote a heartfelt Facebook post—viewed more than 180,000 times—praising the dog for his help.

This may just look like a dog, a sleeping boy and a number on a screen, but this, this moment right here is so much ...

Posted by Saving Luke - Luke and Jedi - Fighting Type 1 Diabetes Together on Thursday, March 3, 2016

Luke was given a glucose tab to raise his sugar and recovered quickly. Dorrie credits the pooch for being the watchful eye that saved her son's life.

Dorrie wrote:

"5 minutes before I took this picture we were all asleep. No alarms were going off, no one was checking blood, no one was thinking about diabetes, and it's in those moments when our guards are down, when we are just living life, when we let our minds drift from diabetes, that it has the upper hand—and things can get scary very fast ... but thankfully we have a Jedi."

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Photograph by Facebook

The photo of the sleeping boy and his life-saving dog has since gone viral—and with good reason. As Dorrie wrote on Facebook, "Amidst a disease that does everything in its power to make life so much harder, this is a picture of loyalty and love and perseverance. A reminder that we will not let diabetes win, that we will never give up, and that we will always fight for our children."

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