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Kid Writes Epic Letter to Trump

One third-grader isn't afraid to tell Donald Trump how he feels about the presidential candidate's rudeness.

Jackson Wheeless from North Carolina penned a now-viral letter after seeing articles and TV segments on Trump. The 8-year-old's teacher, Mrs. Brown from Millis Road Elementary School, encourages her students to watch the news and read current articles.

"I have seen several articles about you and have seen you on the television. I think you have been very rude to many people," Jackson wrote.

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He reminds Trump that children are also watching him, not just adults, and it's important to check himself and the qualities he's displaying. "The President of the United States is supposed to be our leader. You should be someone that we can learn from and hope to grow up to be like. I do not think you are doing a good job of this."

Jackson is pretty spot-on about his reminder that kids are listening. The Washington Post recently ran a column on how the "Trump Effect" is also affecting the younger generations. Students at school sling familiar phrases like "Build the wall!" and "Get 'em out!" And as Petula Dvorak writes, "It may take an entire generation to recover from the hateful rhetoric he has aimed at immigrants, Muslims and Blacks Lives Matter protesters."

In his letter, Jackson also whips out the Golden Rule that he learned when he was "VERY young." He asks, "How would you feel if people said some of these terrible things about you that I have heard you say about them? I would like to know if you would want your young children or grandchildren hearing the things that you say about people. Do you ever feel sorry about the things that you say that are hurtful to others? I have never heard you apologize."

Examples Jackson lists include Trump making fun of a handicapped reporter ("Bullying is already a HUGE problem, and it is NOT OK!" Jackson argues) and when Trump bragged that he "could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody" and not lose voters ("You make kids afraid when they hear that someone who could be our next President would even think of doing something like that!" Jackson wrote).

"I just thought it sounded really rude and if I did that at like Taekwondo ... um, I would get in big trouble for that," Jackson told THV11, "And if I did that at Millis Road, I would get suspended but he doesn't get in trouble for it at all. People just clap for him."

Jackson is currently in student government, and since writing the letter, he's become Student of the Week at his school. He hopes to "be a husband, a father, hopefully a police officer and a good friend."

"I will choose to be a better person than what you have been teaching me to be," he writes in his conclusion.

Jackson hopes Trump would write him back but mostly he'd like an "A" on his assignment. With his way with words and mad letter-writing skills, we sure hope he gets an "A," too.

Photographs by: WFMY

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