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Angry Mom Poses Alone for Camera on Splash Mountain

A trip to Disney's Magic Kingdom has turned one mom into an Internet sensation after a photo of her giving the most hateful glare amidst joyful riders on Splash Mountain went viral.

Jordan Alexander decided to play a prank on her husband Steven after he refused to ride Splash Mountain with her.

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"Splash Mountain's my favorite ride. He is not a rides guy, but he promised me and he promised me he would go," Jordan told Inside Edition.

After a long day touring the park with their infant son and and Jordan's parents, Steven wasn't up for the ride and backed out at the last minute. As she rode Splash Mountain alone, she decided to capture a memento of exactly how she felt by intentionally posing for the camera with a death stare while seated with the usual thrilled riders having the time of their lives.

After viewing the photo of Jordan posed with crossed arms and an impenetrable pout, the couple had a good laugh. Steven thought the photo was funny enough to post on Imgur and the Internet took it from there. The photo has been viewed more than 2 million times in less than a week and Photoshop pranksters are having a field day.

These are our picks for the funniest memes created from her original photo:

Someone thought maybe John Travolta could help her lighten up.

Someone thought she probably broke the camera with that death glare.

Someone thought she might even fit right in with our animated presidential candidates.

And just so you don't think the entire trip was a bust, Steven posted a photo on Twitter showing a happy moment on their family trip.

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